Adastra Divani 

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About Us

At  Adastra Divani the permanent makeup artist meticulously mixes colors and designs the placement according to your unique features and bone structure.  Then the highest quality pigments are expertly embedded into the dermal layer of skin.  Many of our clients come to us for corrective procedures from past faulty applications.  We place your comfort and trust in the highest regard and focus on making sure your procedures are as comfortable as possible.  

Permanent makeup corrections Starting at $150.00

Lip Liner $325.00

Blended natural lip color $550.00

One color eyebrow fill-in $295.00

Feathered eyebrows $450.00

Eyeliner ( Upper or lower ) $200.00

Any  touch up for permanent makeup must be done within the first 4 weeks of initial procedure to avoid a $25.00 per week fee.

'Let the beauty we love, be what we do.'           ~Rumi

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